Location Guardian


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A Magento security filter, blocks unfriendly visitors by using IP filter and by browser language
Location Guardian


Sain3 Location Guardian is a magento security filter, it blocks unfriendly visitors from accessing your Magento website by using IP filter/blocker and by browser language.


  • Restricted visitors will be redirected to a desired CMS page or simply a blank page. You can get email notifications when block rules are triggered. In the meantime, Sain3 Location Guardian will keep a log of blocked IPs in your Admin Panel.
  • You can also easily switch off your website for maintenance.
  • The additional feature of banning visitors based on their primary browser language gives you more control: it helps you block visitors from a certain country, even when some of them use a proxy to bypass IP blocks.
  • Note: In the current version, only one language could be blocked: Chinese (Simplified).


Use Cases

  • Keep fraudsters, spammers and other malicious visitors from coming back!
  • Limit who can access your Admin Panel by IP address. Keep your website safe!
  • Show a friendly message when you need to close your shop temporarily (e.g. for maintenance), so that you don’t risk losing your valued customers.
  • Stops any traffic that uses a specified primary language.

User Guide


Log in to the Magento Admin Panel and navigate to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager to Install the extension.

Setting Up

To configure the extension in Magento Admin Panel, navigate to System > Configuration > SAIN3 EXTENSIONS > IP Security. If you don’t see the SAIN3 EXTENSIONS heading in the left column, you may have not installed the extension.
Configure the settings and click “Save Config” at the top to save your configurations.

Configuration Details

1.Restrict access to frontend:

1)IP lists:
  • You can block access to your website from everyone except from the IP addresses you specify in “Allow these IPs”
  • You can list the IPs you want to block in “Block these IPs”.
  • Redirect to blank page: Choose “Yes” for “Redirect to blank page” and block visitors will be redirected to a blank page with blocking rule description.
  • Redirect to CMS page: Choose “No” for “Redirect to blank page” and choose a desired CMS page.
3)Email notifications:
  • Recipients: Choose a store email address and enter additional email addresses to receive notifications when an IP is blocked.
  • Template: Choose an Email template for the notifications.
  • Email always: Choose “Yes” to keep notified. Choose “No” to get notified only for the first time and every 10th time an IP is blocked.

2.Restrict access to Admin:

Please refer to “Restrict access to frontend” for configuration guidance.

3.Maintenance page:

  • Edit your maintenance message for visitors.
  • List the IPs that could access the frontend during maintenance and edit your reminder message for them.
  • Choose “Yes” to switch off your website for maintenance.

4.Block visitors using Chinese (Simplified) as their primary browser language.


Email: support@sain3.com


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