"Magento + LAMP + Webmin" package powered by SAIN3 (HVM)


Build up your Magento e-commerce website in 1 minute.Easily and visibly mange your system in browser, powered by embedded Webmin system
"Magento + LAMP + Webmin" package powered by SAIN3 (HVM)


We understand e-Commerce customers’ demand, and we always put data safety as our first priority in the product R&D. SAIN3 exclusively provides an enhanced system embedded with auto database backup.

By selecting SAIN3 Magento instance, you could save tons of time in the tedious website-building works, but to focus on your business development. The auto database backup function automatically backs up your entire database like Magento. Ensure your customers can access your websites at all times and keep all your data extra safe.

Magento (HVM) User Guide.


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